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Infernalrestraints video gallery starring Cherry Torn!

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When PD asks if she would do anything to get out of the cage she is in she does not hesitate to say yes.? Why is it that all of PDs bitches regret taking that offer so soon after? For instance, cherry is not much of a smoker, but with a little help from PD she makes a pretty good ash tray. The real task is to please him, though. Every time the pain makes her stop sucking he makes the penalty for it even worse.

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Handcuffed slave update 8

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Her wet cunt she becomes so much more cooperative! Every minute of this fantastic shoot. Kendra even flogs her face. Kendra chastity belt with carefully fashioned openings for access to various holes, Yasmine starts as Brooke's secretary. Claire has not been tied up or dominated before but is willing to give him a single chance to prove himself.

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David really is in over his head when it comes to satisfying DragonLily's sadistic mind. DL crops his pathetic bound dick and flogs his thighs. his ass is whipped and his cock is teased with DL's hand. david obediently worships DL's feet while she masturbates. In a simple crab tie, DL takes david's virgin ass with her big black strapon.

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6 movies with Damon Pierce for your eyes only

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Swiss visits Device Bondage and gets put through several punishing experiences while locked up in metal devices. Clamped into a rigid iron wrist and ankle spreader, the tender flesh of her inner thighs is vulnerable and exposed to be worked over with painful clips and clamps connected together to eventually be ripped off together as a zipper.

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PD wanted his cock sucked and he wanted it done well, so when Elise Graves manages to botch the job there is going to be hell to pay. Before he even lays into her she has tears streaming down her face. The reality is worse than she can imagine. Her skills will never be up to snuff, and every time she wraps her lips around his cock they are both reminded.

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Femdom Face Sitting Stories From Herndon Dungeon

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