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A favorite at Insex because of her athletic flexible body, Wenona takes intense bondage in a series of complex scenes. Then with knees tied together and mouth cranked open with the pear gag, shes pulled by the tits back and forth along thick manila rope, rubbing her sensitized clit raw. In a final heavy pussy flogging scene, shes bound with her ankles over her head and lashed down so she cant move.

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Eleanor beauty Amber is very nervous to do so after hearing stories from some of the toughest girls doing bondage and sexual punishment today. Eleanor is caned, vibrated, and fucked, all at the same time. It is useless all this thrashing back and forth along thick manila rope, rubbing her sensitized clit raw. Her mouth is filled first with her panties and then Eleanor's cock as she is slapped, tickled, poked, whipped, and shocked.

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A strict crabtie Brandy squirts while her ass is now trained. Brandy, sinuous and the grace to give her all. Brandy beam, Liliana's bent over, straining her back. In relief, he whips her and pokes her foot with a skewer, it is clear. He reminds her that today it is about suffering, not sex. And comes as Brandy wields the vibrator, whistling a little tune.

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kade tries to hit on Bobbi Starr, says he wants to play. Bobbi pulls out some rope and ties his balls down tight to the ground. Bobbi orders him to lick up his cum, then drags him down to a cold cellar where she ties him down and fucks his ass hard.

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lefty is tied in a horribly precarious position where the only thing holding him up are his balls. Once lefty is rock hard, she takes his cock deep in her pussy and orders her slave to pump hard. Having satisfied herself, She takes pity on her slave and so milks his cock.

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PD loves teaching new girls. vikki is fresh and in dire need of a serious anatomy lesson. Since she can't seem to hold onto it he uses a whip to give her some incentive. she doesn't have a very hard time taking his cock, though. In fact, once he's taken her holes, she is ready for Mr. Pogo again. It doesn't phase her at all.

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